Joy as Dominican vocation


If I ever met a group of joyful religious, or just people in general, it would have to be the Nashville Dominican Sisters of St Cecilia. St Cecilia, patroness of music and musicians, + Nashville…get it? 🙂 They are infectious in the best possible way!!!! I received a rosary from France from the sister of whose class I was mascot brother at St Gertrude’s in Madeira, OH. Kelly has express instructions, I am to buried with THIS rosary!!! 🙂


“…While engaged in the difficult combats of the Church Militant, the Dominican soul remains joyful. “The religion of thy Father Dominic,” said God to St. Catherine of Siena, “is joyful and lightsome.” Above the trials of redemption, joy pervades the Dominican soul, the inadmissible joy of God. The secret of this Dominican joy lies in the peaceful certitude that God is infinitely happy in the society of the Three Divine Persons, even if men refuse to know Him and receive Him. At the summit of the souls of the saints, joy always flourished together with an unalterable peace. God is God, and what possible difference can anything else make? The joy of a soul is measured by its love. The Apostles went away joyful because they had been judged worthy to suffer for Christ, Whom they loved above everything else. On the roads of Languedoc, the sharper the rocks became, the more St. Dominic sang. Raised up by the same spirit of heroic strength fortified with love, the Dominican soul remains fixed in an ever-singing joy.”

Love, and His joy,

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